Pet Overseas Export Process

The following can be used as a general guide to the export process with Ryslip.

  1. So you’ve decided, or are considering moving abroad with your beloved pet, or perhaps importing a pet from the UK. The first step will be to request a quote from us. This can be via telephone +44 (0) 1344 424144 (available Monday – Friday 9am-5pm), emailing, or completing our enquiry form. Once we have received your request, we will answer you as quick as we can via email providing an itemised quote, destination country regulations, and a shipping instruction form. You may decide that some items you do not need, for example the ‘fit to fly’ health certificate, if you plan on using your own vet. This is fine, we only charge for what we do. Should you have any questions or special requests regarding the quote, feel free to either call us or drop us an email.
  2. After looking at your quote, you have decided you are happy to go ahead. Complete the Shipping Instruction form which came with your quote via email, and return it back to us.
  3. Having received your Shipping Instruction Form, we will then go on to book your flight, and apply for any relevant health certificates as needed.
  4. Once we have flight confirmation, we will send this to you via email. The airline will contact you shortly afterwards via telephone or email to confirm you will be available to collect your pet from the destination airport. This is known as an ‘OK to Forward’
  5. The day before the flight (or sometimes 2/3 days depending on the country requirements), you will bring your pet to Ryslip (or we will collect your pet from you if this has been previously arranged) before 1pm for the health examination and to check your travelling box is suitable.
  6. Once the travelling box has been deemed suitable, we will take payment.
  7. We will take photocopies of all completed health documents and the completed Air Waybill, and send these on to you and your agent if applicable.
  8. Your pet will board overnight with us in our kennels or cattery.
  9. We will transport your pet to the airport ready for their flight.
  10. Your pet will be handled by the animal team at the airport and boarded onto the plane.
  11. You or your agent, if applicable, will collect your pet from the destination airport, and pay any handling charges or customs clearance charges.
  12. Enjoy your time with your pet in your new destination!

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